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Strategy and Innovation Management

Stalling is not an option!
Your products and services, as well as your organization and your processes have to continuously change and improve. Either evolutionary at best, or revolutionary. Such change will only be sucessful if thouroughly managed.

Market Entry and Growth


Defining market entry targets and generating strategy concepts


Analyzing target markets


Market entry

Evaluating market entry plans as well as marketing plans

Defining company and brand names

Creating company and brand presentations for the local market

Organizing and managing trade show partizipations

Finding and evaluating sales partners

Market growth

Setting up local offices and branches

Managing relationships with business partners

Measuring and evaluating performance

Controlling and reporting

Sourcing & Procurement


Finding and evaluating reliable suppliers

Supporting business negotiations

Supplier management and supply chain controlling

Contact and Relations Management


Taking care of your Chinese business partners while they are visiting Europe

Assisting your staff on business trips to China 

Culture and mentality coaching

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