Andreas Vollmost

For more than 10 years Andreas continuously aspires to surprise clients with the unexpected by thinking big without losing sight of the essential details. Influenced by international work experience in China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines his target-oriented and determined approach to generate added value for his clients' business is fine-tuned to account for the cultural and organizational framework.

Yingru Ding

Yingru grew up in Qingdao (China) where, after graduating in Business Law, she worked for a renowned law firm. In her quest for new challenges she travelled to Japan, the Philippines and Austria, where she enrolled at the University of Vienna to study International Business Administration. 

At several international projects in Austria and in Asia Yingru has demonstrated her brilliant problem solving skills and her ability to quickly become familiar with new topics and tasks.

For more than 20 years Yingru has been practicing the art of Chinese calligraphy and she was awarded the 5th duan (master level) in 1994.

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